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Our Credit Repair services can help you restore your credit reputation, enabling you to get credit, be approved for loans and access affordable interest rates. Let us help you get the BIG TICK.

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We may be able to completely repair your credit reputation

(If we can’t help you, no one can)

We can instantly obtain your credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies, then quickly inform you of the problems and determine whether we can actually fix your credit issues.

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Restoring your credit will:

...allow you to buy
a home approved for
car loans
...give you access
to consumer credit facilities
...allow you to
apply for power
and communication services
..give you access
to cheaper, fairer
terms & interest

Speak with a credit repair expert

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Common causes for credit problems

Often the common causes of bad credit are often not your fault or were the circumstances that you could not control.

Moving house

Mail not delivered

Financial hardship

Disputed accounts

Relationship breakdowns.

Mental health

Credit companies have a responsibility to their customers to be fair when defaults are issued. We give you back control and get the issues resolved enabling you to get approved for credit. Let us help you get the big tick.

Speak with a credit repair expert

We start with the end in mind

Phone call

At your FREE consultation we will explain our services, how they work, and how we could help you

Application and

credit assessment

If you are happy with our services offered you complete a 5-minute online agreement form. Your consultant will then pull up your credit file and tell you what may be wrong with it.

Investigation process

We investigate what procedures may have been used, resulting in the damaged credit listings. These questions are broad and not specific to each separate individual negative listing.


Based on our investigation process done through the questionnaire you must meet our minimum criteria* which will result in being approved or declined for our services.

Document submission

Documents are submitted to companies, credit reporting bodies, ombudsman or courts to apply for a positive outcome.


Once the default has been removed we provide you with notification
Ability to apply for mortgages
Car loans
Credit cards

We start with the end in mind

Here’s a small list of the more common ones.

Take back control.
Gain certainty

Credit reporting agencies often warn against using services like ours. They claim you can do it yourself.

In our experience, our clients have tried everything and come to us as a last resort. The credit agencies do not have time to thoroughly investigate your claims. And the failure rate from doing it yourself is upwards of 97%.

We investigate and then tell you before you hire us whether we can do it. No risk, no payment until we have investigated. And in the event we are not successful we refund your fee completely.

On top of that you are protected by the ACCC.

We charge an upfront fee for our investigation work. We’ll only charge you a success fee once we’ve been able to actually help you.

If you need help with your credit report, contact us today.

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